5 Steps to Protect Your Energy

When you imagine that everything around you is of the highest power, energy, yet you don’t quite know how to use or protect it.

Working from coffee shops, and especially going to one regularly gives me a chance to meet a lot of people and get to know them. There are people who work from there like I do, and there are people who come there early in the morning to read and/or write.

For about 2 years ago I’ve met the most spiritual human being in my life at that coffee shop. At first I didn’t understand why he was always sitting alone, writing and, reading and most interestingly, when the clock hits 9am, he leaves the coffee shop. 9am was the time when the coffee shop gets very crowded. I also recognized that he wasn’t talking with a lot of people. He seemed like he was choosing who to talk to.

Days went by and one day we were sitting opposite seats from each other and there were almost no people at the coffee shop because it was around 6:30am. (Did I tell you that I am an early bird? ;)) We smiled at each other and started talking. Then, he came to my table and saw what I was reading. I was reading one of my favorite spiritual books called “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. From that point our spiritual conversation and friendship started.

I can tell that he is full of life experience and spiritual knowledge. He is about 70 years old. I will tell more stories about our spiritual experience but in this blog I am going to share with you how you can protect your energy.

5 Steps to protect your energy:

1- Prepare yourself -> The very first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself when you leave home, or when you are about to be around people. How? Just simply say “I’m feeling good, my energy is pure and I am complete with my energy.” I really recommend that you meditate every morning, but if you are not there yet, that is ok. Whenever you are ready to jump in to learn or do efficient meditation and learn the basics, contact me! But for now, making yourself feel good and ready for meeting the world is enough.

2- Do what brings you Joyy! -> Start your day by making yourself happy. Do a simple thing that brings you Joyy! before you talk to anyone.

For example, I always listen to my favorite songs when I drive to the gym and feel so energetic even at 5am in the morning ;)

Always always remember to do something that brings you Joyy! ;) before anything!

3- Be present -> This is the key to recognizing your and others’ energies. When you are present, then you know what is happening energy wise around you. Being present means being in the moment fully, but it also means being aware of what is going on around you, energetically. How? Let’s say you are with a person and he/she started talking about a topic that you don’t like to talk about. You will start feeling bored and it will turn into feeling frustrated and stressed if you stick with that person. Or if you are with someone and he/she is very negative about life and you just cannot enjoy the conversation. Therefore, if you can catch yourself in a conversation or even the next level of feeling their energy, you need to LEAVE!!!

So here is when my friend’s story starts to make sense. Remember that he sits alone, does not talk to many people, and when it gets crowded, he LEAVES!

Coming back to the conversation with a person that you don’t enjoyy, you need to end the conversation right at that point and either go be by yourself or go see someone who brings you Joyy! I am not saying you have to finish your friendship, if you are friends, but you need to be careful how YOU feel when you are with that person.

4- Pray -> You don’t have to be religious to pray, if you are that is fine. Just remember that when you genuinely pray for something, it will bring you peace and you will feel better about the situation. Here is a simple way to pray about energy “I own my energy and whatever is not mine from others’ please keep those non-related energies away from me. Thank you for guiding me to meet people who have good vibes to share with me.” You can make it up something that makes you feel comfortable, too. As long as you say prayers and really feel it, it will release the energy that is not yours and it will bring you peace.

This step and prayer method, I learned from my spiritual teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein.

5- Trust and Let go -> Last but the most difficult and important one! For us as human beings, it is very hard to trust and let go. So how can you do it? First of all, when you do all the work above, think about this: “I did my part, now I no longer have control over the situation or the person. I am trusting the process, timing of the highest power, the Universe, God… (you can choose who to call it), and now I am letting go.” Because if you already started following those steps, and believed it all was going to work, just believe in the last step too. The last step is going to bring you miracles. ❤

At this step I have many friends like teachers to me that I will mention more in another blog about faith…

So stick around in reading my blogs; I will share more of magical experience and tools with you to create a joyyful life ;)

Always with Joyy!



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Burcu Onaranel

Burcu Onaranel

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