Believe in your dreams, crazily!

Believe in your dreams crazily 😉 !

Miracles are everywhere ✨

If you really want something from your heart and believe in yourself & your passions, things will start to change — the universe will start taking care of you 💗

When was the last time you wanted something so badly and believed that it was going to happen? You believed in it with the wisdom you have, trusted your dreams and just did everything you could to make it happen.

While you’re wondering what could it possibly be worth taking a risk for in your life, I’ll share a story from my journey. Now, we’re to delve deep into the miracles I mentioned to you in my previous blog. 👌🏻

I don’t know you, but I’ve always believed in the universe and the miracles it brings ✨

People call me crazy sometimes because if I believe in something I believe in it completely with my heart and never question it. I do everything that I can to make that happen and at the same time I wait for the universe to take care of me and give me the miracles with my faith…

This summer was one of the most challenging times in my life. As you may know, or you will learn if you continue reading my blog posts, I fought for my dreams so hard since I moved to California. I wanted to create the life I dreamed. It’s been 2 years of working hard, struggling a lot, and also being hurt by people and experiences many times… I thought that once I had my working visa everything would be great because that was one of the biggest goals of mine to come to the US. and it would solve everything. Finally, a couple months ago, I got that visa but it didn’t solve everything as I had thought. There were no jobs which were both related to what I studied and what I like to do. So, I worked at different places for a couple months just to gain some experience until one day, I realized exactly what my dreams were! I said to myself “I didn’t leave everything behind to follow someone else’s dream just to stay in the US! What the heck am I doing working in these places?” I knew I needed to find another job that fulfilled my desires. I knew if I couldn’t, I would have to return to Turkey. I quit my unsatisfying job anyways! I put myself in a situation where I had no place to live and no money to survive. My savings were shrinking and my family was pushing me so much to come back to Turkey! I was so stuck, but doing everything that I could to find that job! And, most importantly, I trusted the universe; I had nothing left but my faith.

Long story short, between July to October, I was unemployed and I also had to move!

But how could you even search a home without knowing whether you’re going to stay in the country or not? How could you believe crazily that the universe is going to help you to find a job and a place to live?

I did believe! Every single day I searched for a place and a job without any direction…

Days, weeks and months passed. NOTHING came along! I literally felt like I was personally melting by pushing so hard and still believing in the universe and waiting for miracles to happen in my life.

Everybody was worried about me, trying to help me which melted my heart even more, having so much love from the people around me while having no sunshine from the universe that I believed in with all my heart…

What would you do if you had nothing to wake you up every day? Put yourself in my shoes for just a minute and see a life like this: Being in a different country, without a job, a place to live, family, and your money is running out every single day!

As you may feel, rather than pushing myself to find a job and a place, I got so down, so sad that I was crying and praying all day… One day, I made fun of myself when I started crying next to my friend. I said, “I cannot believe I still have tears in my eyes, it never finishes” That was the moment when I had another realization. There was nothing that I could do anymore! I did everything that I could, what was next- I had to leave it to the universe and it was going to take care of me.

So, I stopped doing what I do; I stopped applying for jobs and searching for a place. I believed whatever comes will be the best for me. I trusted the universe and let it lead me.

After a while later, I just meditated, took care of myself and really connected to the universe and listened to my heart, believing in what I desired…

Guess what happened? — Miracles ✨🤗

One day, I received an email from a woman who I had met in a training 3 months prior. She said “Are you still looking for a job? I do consulting for a marketing firm and they are hiring.” I was like, “Hell YES, I am looking for a job!”. She set up an interview for me a day after and a week after the interview, I started working at that company! Oh, and meanwhile one girl reached out to me through Facebook and asked me to move together. Together we looked at places and found a home very quick! BAM!

This is how the universe works for you! Miracles are REAL, expect Miracles every day ✨🤗✨

If you want to know the details regarding how the universe worked for me and what I did during the time I had nothing, how I kept my motivation up, and how you can too 😉 Read my next blog and you’ll find all the answers!

I look forward to hearing your miraculous stories! You can share your thoughts on the comments or you can always email me and we can talk more 🤗

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Talk to you soon!





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Burcu Onaranel

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